Based out of Burlington, Vermont, Binger elusively sheds any genre that manages to stick to them (often within the same song). Combining elements of progressive rock with the grooves and lyricism of jazz-minded hip-hop to create a style that gracefully skirts the line between delightful and perplexing; inventing a sound that reels you in, and keeps you there, with a cohesive yet eclectic energy. 

Binger channel the manifold musical scene of New England through their ever-expanding exploration of all music accessible to the airwaves, having shared stages with Atmosphere, Sophistafunk, Spiritual Rez, Tauk, The nth power, Polyrhythmics, Sidewalk Chalk, gubbulidis, BIG Something, gang of thieves, litz, Lynguistic Civilians, and more. Look to see Binger at a venue near you in 2018.

For all the bedroom shredders, the jazz cognoscenti, the rappers, the burnouts; the people that can’t fit in in any particular place, Binger is a port in the storm.
— The Equal Ground
Centered on what might best be described as “prog-hop,” Skeptics distills Binger’s diverse influences into a more cohesive sound, revealing a band more confident in its musical and lyrical choices.... Wrestling with themes of identity, relationships, lost dreams and personal flaws, Skeptics also reveals Binger’s lyrical maturity.
— Liz Cantrell, Seven Days